Sunshine and MeI started creating Sunshine’s Doodles on a lark.  Now they are a joy to create.  I try to create one every day or so.  Sometimes people give me suggestions.  Sometimes I put him in situations of the day (like voting, a GFWC conference, the holidays and Veteran’s Day).  I sell prints online and prints and cards of the doodles at local craft fairs.  If you are interested in a custom doodle, feel free to contact me.

Sunshine is a very real cat.  You can follow his real-life adventures on Facebook at Sunshine Scarpato.

You may notice Sunshine’s “tipped” ear.  If you aren’t familiar with this, a tipped ear means he was once a feral cat who was part of a trap-neuter-release program.  (FYI, Sunshine was rescued from the amazing group called CaRMaH.) Rescues “tip” the ears of feral cats in order to identify cats who have already been spayed or neutered.  A tipped ear means the cat has been spayed or neutered already.

Sunshine was a feral who decided he wanted to become an indoor cat.  He now lives happily with his two humans and can’t even imagine life without them (nor they without him).

If you are looking for my wildlife paintings, you can find them over at tail-f | Art and Cards.